With every challenge comes an opportunity to improve the status quo. 

I believe design can be used to solve complex problems by providing structure for ambiguity, exploring every possibility, and relentless experimentation.

Hi, I'm Jeff. 

He / Him / His

I am an innovation designer who utilizes design research and strategy to craft new experiences, services, and business ventures. For the last 5 years, I’ve been working as a product innovation consultant within the healthcare, consumer, transportation, and nonprofit sectors. I am seldomly satisfied with the status quo, my curious nature drives me to understand situations at the systematic level and build improvements that drive change.

I am currently pursuing a Master of Design at IIT Institute of Design where I am focusing on how to fuse human-centered design and business challenges.


Selected Projects:


My Process: 

My approach to design and problem solving is simple and iterative, allowing me the flexibility to craft an appropriate plan for each unique challenge:



I believe it is important to be fully immersed in the topic, the client, and the people impacted by a design. Only then can one truly define what problems should be addressed.


\\ Exploration 

I utilize design thinking and my skill sets in digital/physical design to find appropriate opportunities that address the problems at hand.


\\\ Experimentation

I design experiments to test assumptions, prototypes, and design solutions. In a reductive process, I move closer to the appropriate solution to a problem.


Chicago, IL
Phone: +01 248 219 3735
Email: JeffSpragueDesign@gmail.com
Instagram: @jeffsprague

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