Service Design, Human-Centered Curiculum Development, Training Facilitation

Teaching human-centered design to Health Professionals 

Mothership is a nonprofit for new parents, sitting at the intersection of public health and design, focusing on bridging the gap between health expert and parent friend through relatable, credible and reputable health information.

Awarded Core77 Design Awards - Research & Strategy Notable Mention, 2019

My role

I volunteered as a co-creator, along with the founder, of the initial curriculum for the CERTIFIED training modules and helped facilitate the pilot training. Using provided primary and secondary academic research, I created training sections for Unconscious Biases to help health professionals honestly identify and take action to correct their personal biases, Journey Mapping Patient Experiences to give healthcare professionals the toolset to understand their clinic’s experience from a parent’s point of view and identify areas that can be improved.



Chicago, IL
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